Revolutionizing Vehicle Storage

Car lifts revolutionize a home’s layout by reorganizing car storage.

Elegantly connecting multiple levels previously inaccessible for car parking.

Creating a safe, secure storage and parking environment.

Preserving the architectural integrity of a home or building.

Utilizing state of art engineering and technological solutions.


Space optimization increases the number of cars that can be stored safely.

Perfect for the astute car collector or car enthusiast.

Lift accessibility to underground or basement spaces previously inaccessible without a ramp.

Exterior lift roof can be customized to integrate seamlessly with the natural landscape.

Safeguarding urban spaces and preserving external aesthetics.

Safe, secure, code or keyed entry.

Product Specifications

Hydraulic lifting system with two and/or four columns.

Certified for the transport of goods only and/or operator on board (attended).

Capacity from 300Kgs up to 5000Kgs.

Optimizes loading surface for material only.

Suitable for connecting multiple levels.

Possibility of reaching capacities up to 5000Kg or higher.

Allows the operator to manoeuvre the system on board in complete safety.